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Most colleges and universities use what is known as a “semester hour/credit system”. Generally a credit is a semester hour. In a traditional Bible College a semester hour is around 30 to 48 clock hours of classroom attendance.


Transfer students should be in good standing at the last college, university or seminary attended.


We accept academic, college-level courses with a grade of C- or better, received from other Christian schools, accredited or not. There is no limit to the number of credits we can accept, but you must complete at least 30 credit hours with Infinity in order to receive an Infinity Bible Seminary Degree. Our Admissions Office informs students of the credits that are acceptable.


Any student who has already earned an associated degree from credited college or university, in most cases, will transfer over as 60 credited hours earned toward our school academic programs.


Please note, although we accept your credits from other academic college or university schools, there are required courses for each degree program and a 30 credit hours minimum that must be met.


You must request that all colleges and universities which you previously attended send official transcripts to the Admissions Office at Infinity Bible Seminary.


We have accepted transfer students from many different schools. Likewise, the Infinity Bible Seminary credits are acceptable at many other good schools, but whether a PARTICULAR school or agency will accept our credits and or degrees is quite unpredictable. We cannot be responsible for the decisions and policies of others, sometimes it’s a very subjective factor depending upon many conditions, moods, and whims. But I believe you will find most similar schools will accept the transfer of The Infinity Bible Seminary students and/or credits. We plan to compile a list of other schools who do accept our credits.


But if you plan to apply for some state licensing or a faculty position at a particular educational institution, it would be best to make inquiry as to the requirements of that agency or school at which you wish your education to be recognized.



The portfolio and spiritual resumes of Advanced Standing students and regular credit/degree students are entitled to their personal transcript from The Infinity Bible Seminary, upon request either by the student, or some other agency, institution, or church. There is a $25 fee for the first original copy, and extra copies may be had for a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Also, any lost or damaged degrees may be replaced for a $25 fee.


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