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Degreed Programs


A degree is an academic title conferred by an institution of higher learning showing that a person has satisfactorily completed a particular program of study. The certificate is the actual document itself. Degrees are progressive. One level is built in the proceeding one, each level representing a higher work effort, and the equivalent of another year of study. The Infinity Bible Seminary offers all four levels of degrees: Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral.


ASSOCIATE – (60 credits) the Associate Bachelor degree represents the equivalency of two years of academic study. Typically, awarded by a junior or community college.


BACHELOR – (120–128 credits) conferred for the equivalency of four years of full time study. But you can earn a Bachelor’s degree in two or three years from some schools. Bachelor means that you have accumulated a batch of knowledge. If you receive a Bachelor’s degree through credit for life work experience from The Higher Learning Bible Seminary, you are guaranteed admission into our Master’s degree program; and we encourage you to go on to the Doctor’s degree program.


MASTER – (150 – 200 credits) this represents one or two years of study beyond the Bachelor, but lower than the Doctorate, indicating that you have mastered a subject.


DOCTORATE – (200 credits) this academic title is awarded for the completion of advanced study and is the highest degree there is. It is the ultimate in the educational world, and has been a title of respect for learned persons since Biblical times Luke. 6:46. It is traditionally held that it takes a doctor to confer a Doctor’s degree upon someone else.



Program Degrees



  • Associate of Ministry (A. Min.)

  • Associate of Theology (A.T.)



  • Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.)

  • ​Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)


  • Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S.)

  • Master of Theology (M.Th.)

  • Master of Christian Education (M.C.E.)

  • Master of Church Administration (M.C.A.)

  • Master of Divinity (M. Div.)



  • Doctor of Biblical Studies (D.B.S)

  • Doctor of Christian Education (D.C.E.)

  • Doctor of Ministry (D.M.)


You may request more information about this and the proper application. The degrees available to you are previously listed.

All those who graduate from The Infinity Bible Seminary who would like to become a member of our Alumni Association, may request information about this.


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