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IV. Payment  

A minimum fee of $137.50 or 50% of total bill is due at the time of registration.  

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  • Returning students must have a zero balance before being allowed to register for classes. All students must pay 50% of tuition before classes begin. 

  • Student will not be official enroll in a class until 50% of the tuition has been paid.

  • To have a legitimate class we need four or more students. Please properly register for all classes you attend.

  • A student with financial challenges must contact Dr. Sharon Johnson. No student will receive grades until all financial obligations have been fulfilled.

  • Each student has the right to withdraw from any class. Any student that drops a class before it starts owes zero percent. After classes begin, if a student withdraws, he/she must pay fifty percent of the class cost. Withdrawal after mid-term each student is obligated to pay the full tuition for the class. Students who withdraw after the midterm will receive an Incomplete “I” for a grade.​

Thank you for summitting a payment

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