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IBS is committed to providing students with the very best education. We offer courses that will equip you for a broad range of service and advanced learning opportunities.



The study of God and the expounding of Christology. Course study includes the relationship between God, the universe and man. Study also includes cultivation of the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

Since our courses are general studies, we accommodate students by granting their preference to receive an associate, bachelor, masters, or doctor’s degree in Biblical subjects, Christian Education, Divinity, Ministry, or Theology, because as stated above these terms blend and overlapped in most creeds, books, and schools.



The Infinity Bible Seminary is governed by the Honor System the school’s most cherished tradition, guides every aspect of our student’s life. It rests on the conviction that students want to be honorable and have the right to be trusted. All students are encouraged to take a pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal. This code of ethics is administered by the staff and students of Infinity Bible Seminary.



The Infinity Bible Seminary is both a Bible College offering undergraduate studies and a Theological Seminary providing graduate programs, so that we offer degrees on all levels.




The study of major Scriptural themes and the main topics of the Sacred Scriptures. Course study includes various doctrine of the Word of God that is devoted to the fundamental beliefs of the Holy Bible.



General instructions in Christianity; and the study of the doctrines of Christ. Course study includes training in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the development of Christian Character.



The work of the Lord and the service of God. Course study includes training in the performance of the office of clergy. Study also includes rendering help to and caring for the Church.



The study of the one and only Deity. Course work includes studying the supreme, infinite, and eternal qualities of the Almighty; pertaining to the Divine Godhead or Holy trinity which is inspired by god

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