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Infinity Bible Seminary (IBS), founded in the fall of 2000. We have two campuses in the central Virginia area. Our main campus is located in the northside of Richmond and our satelite location is in Powhatan, Virginia.


IBS is deeply committed to providing both quality Bible college programs for lay Christian workers and seminary training programs for experienced ministers – both part and full time. Our first courses are for Christians, who wish to learn how to integrate Biblical principles into their daily lives, homes, and businesses – who want to be a better witness for the Lord, and to effectively participate in their local Church community, and country. Our latter courses are for ministerial students, who already have a basic working knowledge of the Bible but seek to develop more proficient ministerial skills.


Infinity Bible Seminary is accredited by the Worldwide Accreditation Commission on Christian Education.  IBS is a religious institution exempt from state regulations and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Infinity Bible Seminary offers the widest variety of college and seminary religious degrees of any school in the U.S.A., and one may switch around from one field to another. Schools used to grant ladies a “mistress of arts” or “maid of science” in place of a bachelor’s degree, but the practice ceased long ago. An arts degree represents a wide scope of studies including such subjects as education, human relations, literature, etc.


Statement of Faith


We believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God, and the Infallible and Authoritative rule of faith practice.


We believe there is only one true and living God…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Three in one and one in three. He is Omniscient, Omni-potent, and Omnipresent.


We believe the Lord Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, is the Divine Son of God, lived in a sinless life, worked all manner of miracles, was striped for our healing, and crucified for our sins. He was bodily resurrected from the dead, ascended to heaven: at the right hand of God; and shall return to rule in the Kingdom of God. He is the only Savior of all mankind.


We believe in one baptism in water in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


We believe in all the gifts of the Spirit and that they are available to the Church body today.


We believe Christ is the Foundation and Head of the Church, which is made up of every born again believer on earth.



Dr. Alvin E. Drew I, President / Founder

Dr. Darius E. Beechaum¸ Vice-President

Dr. Otis E. Mallory, Academic Dean

Dr. Gracie Jones, Academic Affairs

Deacon Robert Jones, Financial Affairs

Bishop Anthony Jones
Dr. Annesto Younger


Board of Directors

Dr. Alvin E. Drew I

Dr. Darius E. Beechaum

Dr. Milton J. Hunt (Chair)

Dr. Otis E. Mallory

Dr. Gracie Jones

Dr. Sharon A. Johnson


Alumni Association

Deacon Lanny Jones, President


Richmond Campus 3005 Enslow Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (804) 329-9920



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